Instructor, Triathlon Training

Mitch Kothe aka Iron Mitch The Cardio Man.

I have been with elite fit co from the beginning. I started my journey in August 2010 when we were named Petaluma adventure Bootcamp. I have been through 2 company name changes and I’m still here today. I first interned with then Petaluma adventure for about a year before starting to teach class. During these few years teaching learning and gaining experience I realized I had much potential to help others. During my time at fitness revolution I gained more knowledge more experience and more understanding in this field. This was an easy transition to fitness revolution to eventually where we are today named elite fit.  co which speaks about who and what I am today. I am an elite athlete and
I am capable of anything I do. Who am I? I’m glad you asked;About myself:
I am  born and raised in Sonoma county right here in Petaluma.  In 2015 I graduated from Chico state with a degree in kinesiology and I want to go into physical therapy or obtain a masters degree in this field, later down the road.  In Chico I volunteered and had experience teaching  at TNT (team and training) and Chico sports club. While studying kinesiology I decided to get certified. I have a certification from AFAA (aerobics fitness association of America) in group exercise instruction. I wanted this cert because I’m good at teaching in group class settings. My specialty is triathlons. I have experience doing triathlons through the Chico state triathlon club. I have done a half ironman 70.3 vineman here in Sonoma county in July 2015. About a dozen sprints and in Jan. 2016 I started my first triathlon program for our members. I also ran a successful running clinic for the past 2 years. I have also Ran over a dozen half marathons and completed 3 full marathons. I have also started getting into Spartan races the last 2 years and I earned my first trifecta in 2016. This is going and doing 3 races at different distances. A sprint, a beast, and an ultra. I have gained strength courage and wisdom from doing Spartan races and I still do them to this day.
I got a degree in kinesiology in movement studies and all I want to do is use my degree for what I want to do. While studying I learned about strength and conditioning, athletic movements, exercise physiology, biomechanics, and much more.
I knew that I can apply what I learned in school to help people by training with them in a class setting.
Swimming, biking, and running have all been and will always be big passions of mine. I am also a 4 year high school badminton player and I like to play badminton in my free time from time to time. I also enjoy staying active by taking hikes, walking, or doing anything outdoors to stay active. I’m a big believer in doing in what I say and saying what I’m doing. I knew that earning my degree meant nothing if I can’t withhold it’s standard. Kinesiology is the science and study of human movement. This is also my philosophy, were movers since the day were born, and movers since the day we die, why should we ever stop if we want to stay alive?
The last notion I want to leave you with is a quote that kept me going and helped push me beyond what I was capable of. This quote made me go further in life than I ever had before. I will leave you with this: “
The most important thing in life is to stop saying I wish and start saying I will, consider nothing is impossible, and then start treating possibilities as probabilities. ” David copper field.

Mitch Kothe

B/A Kinesiology
Movement Studies w/ Emphasis in Health & Wellness
KINESIOLOGY is the science and study of human movement.
A DEGREE IN KINESIOLOGY, currently the 7th most popular major at CSUs, can lead to careers in Sports Medicine, Coaching, Teaching, Wellness, Personal Training, Cardiac Rehabilitation, Biomechanics, Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Ergonomics, Corporate Fitness, Sports Management, Athletic Administration, Sports Broadcasting, Exercise Physiology, Sports Psychology, and Sports Officiating.