Recovery RX

Getting the most out of your workout? We carve 40 to 60 minutes out of our day to get in a workout. Recovery is just as important. Whether you head off to run errands, run to work or run home for dinner, you want to make that time count. And part of making that time count is staying injury free.

We all get sore, which tells you it was a good workout. Some soreness is good but you want to listen to your body so you don’t go beyond soreness to injury. Whatever it is, it’s important to remember to focus on the muscle group you are working on. When you focus on and think about the muscle or muscle group you are working, you will perform better and lessen your chance of injury. Also, you will see progress faster when you are moving correctly. 😉

It is tempting to run off after your workout but that cooldown is so important. If you don’t have time at the gym, make time later, your body will thank you!

There are tools at the gym for you to use and we also have tools for sale on our equipment site, Elite Fitness Company. You can purchase our new equipment pieces to have at home or for working out when you travel.

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