New Year’s Specials

New Year’s Resolutions…been there, done that you’re thinking? We’ve all done it. Start the new year off optimistically, have a little success then one mistake and we blow it, or get down on ourselves and give up all together. Whether your goal is health related, family, work, organization, etc…the truth is they are not easy. The reality is most of us need lots of reminders and support. Even the fun little graphic I chose…there are hundreds if you search Google. Find one for yourself that is motivating to you and let that be your reminder. Use it as your phone wallpaper, if you’re crafty make a picture or poster for your office or kitchen. Post it in your car or bathroom, or use as a bookmark. See below or some tips to help you as well as our New Year’s Specials.

Have you ever set a SMART goal? It’s a fairly well known acronym for helping you be more intentional with your goal setting, and therefore more successful.

S is for Specific – define your goal, lose 10 pounds in 3 months, drink half your body weight in ounces of water a day, walk your dog everyday, make time for your kids each day. WRITE IT DOWN! A goal that is too general is really just a good intention and those rarely get followed through on.

M is for Measurable – you need to know if you have achieved your goal. Did you lose the 10 pounds, drink your water…you get the idea.

A  is for Attainable – You have to be able to achieve it. 10 pounds in 1 month is not as realistic as 10 pounds in 3 months. Saying an hour for your kids each day might not seem like a lot but our days are pretty full, between work, school, extra curricular activities. Think quality over quantity.

R is for Relevant – Is your goal relevant to you? Will it improve your well being/mindset, productivity?

T is for Time-Bound – Setting a time limit or time frame helps you better assess your success.

Start small, a big lofty goal while the intention may sound good, is not usually the best option. Build on your small successes and keep setting short goals. Once you get the hang of it, you can dream bigger, include your family and friends. The more you share your goals, the more accountability you have.

We have created some New Year’s Specials to help Members and Non-Members with your health goals.


  1. Using our 5-week promo, we’re going to add a twist…
  • Sign up for the 5-week promo and bring a friend for $75 each.
  • It’s basically a buy one – get one free!
  • Individual pricing for no friend, $99.
  • Includes meal plan & accountability coaching.

2. Sign 12-month membership agreement for the price of 11mos

  • Monthly payment $127, instead of $139
  • Includes meal plan & accountability coaching.


  1. Pay 12-month unlimited membership up-front &….
  • Get 15% off of your membership $1417, instead of $1668
  • Get 2 free 60-minute personal training sessions
  • Get free 2017 Elite Fit Co t-shirt
  • Total savings:  $480

2. Basic members, upgrade their membership &

  • Get 2 free 30-minute personal training sessions
  • Get free 2017 Elite Fit Co t-shirt
  • Total savings:  $150

Child care can be added to any of these memberships for $25/month.

E-mail to take advantage of these great offers.

Happy New Year!

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