Elite Fit Kids

Our Kids Program

Here at Elite Fitness Co. we incorporate Strength, Speed & Agility and Obstacle Course Training into our kids program. We focus on the mastery of basic functional movements that will enhance your child’s overall fitness and athletic performance in any sport. All of this is provided in a fun and encouraging environment.

Our coaches will provide your child with age and skill appropriate exercises, and progress them as they master each movement. This approach will keep your child challenged, boost their confidence, and help build a solid foundation for fitness and athletics that will last a lifetime.

Our Kids Program

Elite Fit Kids Memberships

$80.00 Per Month

– Increased Strength & Power

– Increased Speed

– Increased Stamina & Endurance

– Improves Flexibility

– Improves Coordination

– Improves Agility

– Improves Athleticism

– Boosts Confidence