Drop 10 With a Friend

Worried the holiday’s are going to get in the way of your fitness goals?  Your Coaches at Elite have decided it’s time for a challenge and invite you to “Drop 10 with a Friend”!  

This 2-week challenge will start Thursday, November 10th 2016 and end just in time for Thanksgiving Day!  During this time (11/10-11/23) you can bring a friend to Elite for free! Join us and we’ll keep you accountable. 

This free challenge uses the Vimify app which is awesome…it takes all the thinking out of following a plan and simplifies your life so you can take care of what’s important, rather than enter all the details of what you ate. Plus, there is great accountability with the coaches and other members.

You also have the option to purchase and try Shakeology. A delicious shake with dairy and non-dairy options you can customize and make in a matter of minutes just once a day. If you purchase the month supply for $129.99, you an split it with your friend. Options will be available to you within the app. Simply click on the link below for complete details.

Hurry! The last day to join is Thursday, November 10th 2016. Just click this link to find out more:
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